The First Tee of Greater Rockford is open to any child ages 5-18.

TARGET – Designed for children ages 5-6, a program set up to help lead a child to a passion for the game.

Take Aim

Anyone Can Play


Golf is a Game

Enjoy It

Try it!

There are five levels of The First Tee Life Skills Experience:

PLAYer – The Player level, new in 2009, is a great addition and a necessary first step for bringing participants into the game of golf. The idea behind PLAYer is we want all participants to be players as they begin and throughout life. Children must be atleast 7 years old as of June 1st to enroll in PLAYer and all new participants must enter at the PLAYer level.

PAR – The Par level focuses on fundamental communication and self-management skills. It provides an introduction to the game of golf, covering golf fundamentals such as set-up and balance; and teaches participants to establish their own Personal Par.

BIRDIE – The Birdie level deals primarily with goal setting. This level continues to review golf fundamentals with a strong emphasis on short game. Participants learn a variety of golf shots and find out how to set and accomplish goals both on and off the golf course.

EAGLE – The Eagle level will give participants advanced instruction and practice in mastering Par ad Birdie level skills, as well as additional topics such as conflict management, mentoring and career planning.

ACE – The participant that masters all previous levels of The First Tee stands out within the program and amongst his/her peers. This person shows the nine core values in every aspect of his/her young life and is well on the way to becoming a future leader in school, church, among friends, and in business. This person has become a person who knows the benefit of giving back to others and becomes a leader in the community encouraging others to do the same.